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A Healthy Chai Latte Powder Alternative

Mandala Chai was developed out of frustration with the lack of healthy options when it comes to chai latte powders.

Look at the ingredient panel on the back of most chai latte powders and the first ingredient you’ll see is sugar, with the second ingredient usually being corn syrup.

We decided we could do better and began developing a healthy chai latte alternative. We started by cutting back on sugar and reducing the glycemic index by using organic coconut sugar and adding more organic, nourishing chai spices. Our version is sweet and delicious and packs a nice spicy punch.

We have added delicious, creamy, dairy-free coconut milk powder to our blend, which really complements the chai spices and adds a little sweetness to the small amount of coconut sugar already contained in the mix. 

Mandala Chai is handmade in small batches, and we ship Australia-wide so that everyone can enjoy the delicious low GI, guilt-free, dairy-free, gluten-free healthy chai latte option.

Although chai is traditionally a tea-based drink, Mandala Chai has all the flavours of chai without tea and without the caffeine that comes with tea.

To enjoy Mandala Chai, all you need is a cup, a spoon and some hot water! It’s also delicious with non-dairy milks and in smoothies, yoghurt, muesli, custard, ice cream and porridge.