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What’s in Mandala Chai?
The main ingredient is powdered coconut milk. Other ingredients, in order of quantity, are organic coconut sugar, organic raw cacao, cinnamon/ginger/cardamom and allspice. These spices are organic wherever possible.

What do you mean by ‘organic wherever possible’?
Sometimes it is difficult to get a steady supply of a particular component, especially if there is a worldwide shortage. Our preference is organic, followed by pesticide-free, followed by conventional product. We seek local sources wherever possible, but most of the elements of Mandala Chai are not grown in large quantities in Australia.

Where do you post?
We post to anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $8.50. If you wish to order a large quantity or you live outside of Australia, please email us at

Is Mandala Chai gluten free?
Yes. The product contains maltodextrin, an emulsifier required to preserve foods that have a shelf-life. Our maltodextrin is derived from GMO-free corn and is a gluten-free food element. If you have severe food intolerances you should check to be sure you can eat corn starch or maltodextrin before trying Mandala Chai. Please note that ALL powdered coconut milk in the marketplace, without exception, contains maltodextrin.

What is sodium caseinate?
It is an emulsifier derived from milk protein. 95% of coconut milk powders contain this ingredient which ONCE constituted less than 2% of Mandala Chai and Mandala Chai Pure. WE ARE NOW PROUDLY USING 100% DAIRY FREE COCONUT MILK POWDER. So, if you are vegan or you are avoiding animal or milk products at all costs, you can now enjoy consuming Mandala Chai.

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